Woz Cup Challenge comes to Folsom

Upright handlebars ergonomically designed to maximize loss of dignity

The Folsom Telegraph brings us news that Prairie City Stadium at Folsom High will host the sixth annual Segway Polo Woz Challenge Cup 2011. I’ve read this article 3 or 4 times now and I still can’t figure out if it’s an Onion story or what.

The Segway Polo Woz Challenge Cup is basically polo on Segways, rather than on horses. Five players make up a team; two forwards, two midfielders and a goalie. Players ride their Segways, which max-out at 12 ½ miles per hour, and swing padded mallets at the equivalent of a Nerf soccer ball toward a goal 8-feet wide and 5-feet tall.

Well, I’ll be. Twelve teams from around the world will compete for the Woz Cup, the perpetual trophy named after Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc.

In a short amount of time in a sport that few know about, Ross, fellow Rotarian and Folsom resident Bob Quinlan and a handful of others have put together quite an event with the city’s support. “We’re going to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city and Sutter Street businesses,” Ross said.

Like 100s of 1000s? Whoa. Well, good on you then. Learn more at wozcup2011.com.

How many of you immediately thought of GOB riding his Segway when you read this post?

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