Swim season starts today

Swim season at the City’s pools, such as they are, opens today with hours at Doyle and Johnston pools and the Mama Marks and Robertson Park play pools. Clunie, McClatchy, Pannell Meadowview and Sim pools open next week. With only 6 pools open for 4 hours weekdays and a little more on the weekends, I suppose it is the best they could do. The pools that will remain open are basically open every day. It seems like they will be so crowded that you’ll wish you had just let the kids open a hose in the front yard, but what are you gonna do.

Summer Parks and Rec catalog [PDF] (Sadly, no picture of Andy and April on the cover)

Author: CoolDMZ

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6 thoughts on “Swim season starts today”

  1. On down note, summer play season for kids also brings out the creeps. Here is what kids in our neighborhood are having to deal with when they play softball or play in their front yard.


    Per emails from the parents involved (but not the SacBee of course), this guy has been identified via the Megans Law website as a registered sex offender named Patrick Daniel Trujillo. You can look him up there.

    If you see this dude being creepy around kids, call the police immediately.


  2. @cogmeyer Nice work. I’ve been tracking this story and thinking about writing a post. The story was just creepy without knowing the guy’s name and if he was a registered sex offender which moves from creepy to criminal.

    Of course, there is quite a comment thread going on especially after your comment mentioning his name.


  3. I have not personally seen the guy with or without his mask. I absolutely would not want a clean living & innocent Daniel Trujillo to be harrassed for no reason.

    However I am friendly with the neighbors involved, I trust their identification, and also believe that their identification has been unofficially corroborated to an extent. Police are caught in the middle here, for even close tracking of his movements could be viewed as harrassment.


  4. Message below from Capt Dan Schiele regarding the masked man. I haven’t seen any further information confirming if he is the Trujillo guy on Megans Law website, but again I doubt the police can state this publicly…..

    From: Land Park Safety Listserv [mailto:safety@landpark.org] On Behalf Of Schiele, Dan
    Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 4:37 PM
    To: Land Park Safety Listserv
    Subject: Re: [Land Park Safety List]2 items

    The masked bicycle rider has been stopped and identified. He has no prior criminal history and has agreed to not be “masked up” at while watching events at or near the school. While the mask does make everyone uncomfortable, at this time there is no criminal violation. Thank you to everyone in the community who brought this issue to light. It’s very refreshing to have such an involved. Caring community! Keep up the good work!


  5. Thanks. Now that my civic duty has been fulfilled, I will now revert back to my normal pattern of semi-anonymous, smart-ass, passive-agressive commentary


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