Crescent Club: Potential, Potential, Potential

Not too many people I know like to party in Old Sac. It’s a tad inconvenient, the cobblestones destroy your shocks, and the parking sucks more than the Dyson rollerball. Yet, a few swell places call Old Sac home. Most folks know of the Back Door Lounge, the swankiest dive in town, where seeing and being seen is the farthest thing from anyone’s mind. Then there’s the Delta King. Despite it’s kitschy, touristy vibe, it houses a pretty decent restaurant, a wine school, and one of my favorite river-side bars.

Add to that mix the Crescent Club, a recently opened “speakeasy” that features fancy cocktails, vintage furnishings, and live old-time jazz on the weekends. Each one of those offerings hits me in the sweet spot. I want to spend every night there, sprawled out in the opium den, sipping gin and listening to Django. Here’s the rub. Nobody else seems to share my passion. Each time I’ve attended an event or played an event there, the crowd is thin at best.

I’m not sure what to do about it, since this place is really great. It seems like it’d be a perfect retreat for the adults who like Shady Lady but don’t like the somewhat raucous crowd that hangs out there. Or for the folks that appreciate Old Sac but aren’t the Joe’s Crab Shack kind of crowd.

Long story short. If you’re a discerning adult who likes old-fashioned trappings and toe-tapping tunes, come on by the Crescent Club. It’s at 1150 Firehouse Alley (between Front/2nd-J/K streets). My band, “The World’s Finest Apples” plays Saturday at 8:30 in celebration of our first CD. My other band, The Crescent Katz, play every first Friday at 9pm.

If you don’t show up, we’ll have to put this place on our dead zone list.

Crescent Club- 1150 Firehouse Alley, Old Sacramento

Live music Friday and Saturday. Cover varies.

One thought on “Crescent Club: Potential, Potential, Potential”

  1. Old Sacramento has scene a increase in Nightlife over the past year. People are coming back for reasons like the Crescent club, or one of the other newer bars like River City Saloon and Ten 22. The fact is it is way safer then midtown and there is 15 bars / Restaurants within two blocks to grab a drink at. So if you don’t like one you just go to the next. It’s a great time .


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