Old Ironsides Cancels Live Music: UPDATED 6/23

According to Jerry Perry, preeminent Sacramento music booker, Old Ironsides, that bastion of rock, blues, folk, country, and everything in between will no longer have live music after July 1. All booked shows will be moved or cancelled.

It’s not often I break out the profanity stick, but what the fuck?

UPDATE: Apparently reports of Old I’s death are somewhat exaggerated. We’ll see if there is a temporary delay in live tunes at Old I or not depending on a situation with a rented sound system. The one thing this story has exposed is that almost half the town has opinions on whether or not Jerry Perry, or the management at Old I is or are douchebags.

7 thoughts on “Old Ironsides Cancels Live Music: UPDATED 6/23”

  1. I was being flippant. Apparently, their sound system is shot, but they can’t afford a new one. I have a feeling a benefit concert will be done within 30 days.


  2. Jerry is an emplyee of Old Ironsides, he is not in on meetings that count, so for him to break news like this is retarded. Talk to the owners if you want the correct answers. Besides Jerry can be replaced anytime, if you know what I mean.


  3. This is all a rumor btw. I run my salon out of the building next to old Ironsides, which is owned by them. It has not been decided that they are stopping live music. Owners are just making changes to the club and shows will be stopped/moved until they are finished. Continue supporting the neighborhood bar that has been entertaining midtowners for decades! They serve an amazing lunch as well!!!


  4. Jerry and Old I themselves have given the true story on their facebook pages … this is 2 day old news and untrue anyway … they are just going to be between sound systems for a few months, that’s all.


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