Spun Out: Haines’ burger bar is kaput

16th Street has yet another restaurant casualty (RIP CPK). The Haines Brothers’ cycling themed burger bastion is no more. Spin, the name of the shot-lived and negatively reviewed outpost, originally replaced the Haines’ Bistro 33. We’re not too sure if the Haines boys are going to try a third incarnation at the 16th and K storefront, but if they do, I wish them luck. As I’ve said before, the HBs are hit and miss, but when they hit, they hit big.

In happier news, the defunct IHOP on El Camino and Watt will have a new tenant soon, JR’s Texas Barbecue. Just to be clear, it’s going to be a JR’s, which is good, not a Texas West restaurant, which is the same as vomiting in your own mouth.

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