Corn dog eating contest

Size has nothing to do with it
Nothing says State Fair like eating corn dogs ’til you puke. This did not occur during the first preliminary round yesterday, but maybe visitors will be lucky during the next two rounds today and tomorrow.

Milo’s Corn Dog, operated by Milo Frank, has been selling corn dogs for four decades. This year, he has staked $2000 (plus a lot of corn dogs) in hopes of finding the area’s best eater. If you want a shot at the crown, the second preliminary round is today at 4pm. Complete contest details, including the liability waiver from a gruesome corn dog related death, can be found here. FYI, the top eaters from yesterday consumed between 6 and 8 corn dogs in 4 minutes. The final round will be 8 minutes long.

A few more pics after the jump…

A happy, innocent young man....

Four minutes and seven corn dogs later...

One contestant pauses to stretch his throat

Textbook technique (ketchup, no mustard) gets this gentleman into the finals

6 thoughts on “Corn dog eating contest”

  1. I was in the contest sitting right next to the guy in the black shirt…. Is there a way I can get the rest of the photos????


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