Get Ready for “The Golden L Hangar”

Or L Bear 17, or Bear-l Hangar, or something of that ilk.

Basically, here’s the news, the owners of Golden Bear are opening a new place in the old Hangar 17 storefront. Helping them do so will be the recently displaced Chris Tucker, former mix-master at L Wine Lounge & Urban Kitchen.

Here are the questions? Will the place try to revive the gastropub idea that Golden Bear had going for a few seconds last year? Will the bad juju from the previous Hangar owners curse the place? Will L ever reopen? And what the hell happened to Chris Tucker’s career? I thought those Rush Hour movies were going to put him over the top. Now he’s mixing drinks.

2 thoughts on “Get Ready for “The Golden L Hangar””

  1. circa 1999 the Hangar 17 building was just a rundown quonsen hut with a defunct TV repair shop in the front office area. We were shopping for a home at that time while renting in that neighborhood. Mrs Cogmeyer suffered my endless lobbying to buy that building and remake it into a funky urban urban industrial residence.

    The matter was finally put to rest when Mrs Cogmeyer made a convincingly emotional plea to “live in a normal, rectangular house like everybody else”.

    I am not sure what the moral to this story is…


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