Quick Bites: Good Eats shutting down, THIR13EN meets expectations, Doughbot news

If you were one of the 25 or so people who visited Good Eats this year, sorry to tell you that your dollar didn’t quite keep the doors open. The upscale mini-mart/bakery/deli/restaurant announced that it’s closing its doors by closing its doors and putting a sign in the window. While I didn’t have any particular gripe with Good Eats (except they ripped off their name from Alton Brown’s TV show and they had little to no parking and it felt like you were eating in an airport lounge or on display like you were at some zoo) it just seems the concept never quite took hold. I’d encourage a new owner to dump the restaurant idea, turn the place into another Taylor’s Market and let it go at that. Or, of course, reopen Andiamo’s which is what everyone wanted in the first place.

THIR13EN, the new restaurant by Tuli owner Adam Pechal has some ridiculously nummy food. Pan-fried trout with fried green tomatoes and remoulade, cider brined pork chop with hashbrowns and onions, homemade ho-hos, just to name a few delicacies. The service seems a little more reserved than Tuli, but on-the-spot and professional. Much like Tuli, it’ll be interesting to see where most of the diners go in the winter as the majority of the seating at THIR13EN is outside. Also, the wine list is micro-small, which is fine, except that Pechal has decided to charge $25 a bottle corkage which is, as far as I can tell, the highest corkage in town. Also, the whole spelling of the name thing is super annoying when writing or searching on Yelp, or anything else that requires the usage of letters and/or numbers in any context whatsoever.

This is what I know about Doughbot: It’s opening where Rik-shaw used to be at 10th and W.  They’re going to make some pretty crazy doughnuts. They’ve got a Facebook page. My home is too close to them. I’m going to get fatter. I look forward to their arrival.

4 thoughts on “Quick Bites: Good Eats shutting down, THIR13EN meets expectations, Doughbot news”

  1. I visited Doughbot Saturday as they were doing some test batches in anticipation of being open soon. I think they are waiting on a health inspection which they are hoping for soon. Can’t wait, they make some tasty doughnuts.


  2. Holy spicoli! I had no idea Doughbot was so close (or even that it existed). I am SO doomed. On the upside, I have a place to stop to or from Eva’s daycare!


  3. Doughbot says they are “creating a doughnot revolution in Sacramento”. Does this imply that they will serve up some revolting doughnuts?


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