Sac Press headline writers don’t pull punches

“Solomon-esque compromise cuts Med Center from Oak Park” was at the top of today’s report on the contentious City Council meeting about redistricting that ended with the UC Davis Med Center becoming part of District 6.

A truly Solomon-esque end to the debate would have been to split the Med Center evenly between Districts 5 and 6, but who’s counting. Put the different wings of the hospital under the purview of two different council seats, that’ll shut people up.

I’m not quite sure what I think about this. It seems like it makes much more sense to split the actual Med Center than to take the neighborhood named “Med Center.” It just seems like Elmhurst is more tied to the hospital campus. Carving the neighborhood out of District 5 did seem like a pretty bad idea. I’m not really sure why it matters that much, I never really understood that. Aren’t the districts all part of one completely broke and dysfunctional team anyway?

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Sac Press headline writers don’t pull punches”

  1. Many feel that the Citizen Advisory Panel was just a city council smokescreen to divert attention while the city council just ended up playing the same old redistricting games in background.

    And it would also appear that the proposal to move the Med Center and Sac High out of Jay Schinerer’s district is a bit of petty payback for his lack of alignment with the anti-Johnson majority.

    You are right that as a practical matter it doesnt change much, but it is a sad reminder that our city council is just as dysfunctional and self-serving as ever.


  2. I’d rather bleed than step foot in that dirty stinking “District 6.” District 5 should build a wall to keep those people out.


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