Cambridge Footlights in Town This Week

Besides being English, were you aware that John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Douglas Adams, Geoffrey Frey, Hugh Laurie, Sascha Baron Cohen, and Emma Thompson all had one very specific thing in common? Yes, they all were featured players in the Cambridge Footlights. The venerable British institution has been THE seedbed of British comedic talent over the last 50 years, culling the smart-asses of Cambridge University and steering them away from honorable professions and into the ranks of grubby performers.

This Thursday, the Footlights will perform their new sketch comedy show “Pretty Little Panic” at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. It will most likely be the only time in your life you’ll ever get to see this group, so if you’re a fan of the British ha-has you’d better be there.

Cambridge Footlights- Sep 8, 8PM, Sacramento Comedy Spot, tix $12

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