A bunch of really cool sh!t coming up

Ok, this post is going to be all over the place, but there’s so much to do in the next few months, I don’t know where to start. I know, I’ll start by looking backwards:

The Cambridge Footlights performed last night at the Sacramento Comedy Spot and were nothing short of hilarious. If you missed it, you probably don’t care whatsoever about English comedy, so telling you it was great won’t make you feel the least bit guilty. So…take that I guess.

Doughbot, the new doughnut establishment on 10th and W has started off with a bang and a whimper. Their opening day (last Saturday) lasted all of 2 hours and 45 minutes, from opening to close, due to a huge rush in the early morning hours that exhausted the small bakery’s inventory in less time then it takes to read the new Grisham book. Good for them. However, waiting until Monday when things had died down a bit, I went and sampled the goods and found them to be quite underwhelming. While the flavors and combinations sounded interesting, I found that they tasted a bit bland and uninspiring. And, worst of all, their doughnut dough is a bit dry and dull and overly dense. I’m giving them a few months to get their nuts together and start pumping out something truly exceptional.

There are a slew of great shows coming up all over town. Here’s the short list

Colin Hay- Sep 11 Harlow’s: The former lead singer of Men at Work is an incredible musician, songwriter, storyteller. He’s a joy to watch and listen to.

White Noise Jazz Festival- Sep 11 Torch Club: Harley White Jr. is awesome. He’s bringing together a rich group of musicians to play from 2-midnight. Bay Area cats The Broun Felinis, local guitar wizards Aaron King and Mike Farrell, and more will be performing all day.

Rebirth Brass Band- Oct 6, Harlow’s: You feel like funkin’ it up NOLA style? Trust me, this will be a fun night.

Bill Cosby- Oct 29, Community Center Theater: Dude, it’s Bill Cosby. There’s no one better still alive.

3 thoughts on “A bunch of really cool sh!t coming up”

  1. Unfortunately, I agree about Doughbot. They’re in a convenient location (for me, anyway), and a fresh doughnut made from scratch can be a thing of joy, but the doughnuts are as you say, dry and bland.

    There’s a lot of stuff they still have to figure out (how to make enough doughnuts, which flavors to make in what quantities, how to handle the lines), but how to make the doughnuts have flavor is probably the most important one. Perhaps more visits to Marie’s on Freeport (for standard doughnuts) and Dynamo in San Francisco (for more exotic flavors and glazes) are in order for them.


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