Help Sean get off the IMAX roof

At 8am today (September 15, 2011), Sean O’Brien will take his perch atop the IMAX Theater on K Street. He is not coming down until 100 men sign up to be a Big Brother for a local kid. Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento is in desperate need for 100 heroes who want to step up and make a difference in someone’s life.

Will you? It is going to get pretty hot up there.

For more information, check out his event page on Facebook.

For more information on becoming a Big Brother, call (916) 646-9300.

Have any of you readers been a Big Brother or a Big Sister? What was your experience like?

3 thoughts on “Help Sean get off the IMAX roof”

  1. Men are paired with boys and women with girls. 70% of their youth are boys, while 30% of inquiries from adults come from men, so the organization is always in need of more men than women to match with their kids.

    As of one hour ago, Sean is up to 74 volunteers!


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