Kickstarter in Sacramento

Check out the latest Kickstarter projects in Sacramento.

You know you want one

Kickstarter is a great way for artists and entrepreneurs to reach out through the Internet and find seed money for small projects. In return for your investment, you receive a variety of thank you gifts. Funding Kickstarter projects is fun and a little addictive, as I have been finding more and more projects that I believe would help our community, artists whom I already enjoy and stuff I simply find weird.

Already, numerous projects have been funded in Sacramento. Kevin Seconds is finally getting his own tour van. Trevor Morgan will be filming a documentary on our local homeless population. Keith Lowell Jensen will have a DVD of his latest comedy tour.

Here are a few of my favorite local projects currently seeking funding. From bacon jelly to gnome insurrections, maybe you will find a project you would like to help produce.

Testa Duro Salumi

Jason Azevedo’s dream is to own a butcher shop featuring the highest quality local meats. He has already been selling delicious monthly meat selections through his CSA, but his next step is to get some equipment that will allow him to prepare porcine packages for sale at local farmer’s markets and stores. Fund this and get T-shirts, meat art and delicious pork products.

Gnome Fighter

John Price is bored with ordinary garden gnomes. He finds them unnecessarily cute and dull. His artistic vision is to arm them as a militia for protection of home and country. Your contribution will help them buy new black market armaments including flamethrowers, mortars and grenades. In return, a member of the gnome army will take up a defensive post in your garden. Cough up enough dough and they will custom build your ultimate gnome warrior.

Champions of the Chewniverse

Help fund a comic book through the “Healthy Living through Art” project of the Building Healthy Communities Initiative funded by The California Endowment. Join the spork wielding barbarian Health-E-Man as he combats the evil burger loving clown Junk-E-Tor, befriends a magical floating pig wizard, and possibly violates numerous copyrights in a wacky spoof of He-Man. Thank you gifts include original artwork, hilarious celebrity impressions for your voice mail, and a character based upon you in a future CotC comic. Readers, this is your chance to join together. Let’s all chip in to create the evil Stickie, the Screentime Sloth! How about the terrifying SacEats, who devours oversized restaurant portions across the River City and darkens the sky with his paralyzing flatulence? Or the heroic GreenBeet, who magically transforms blighted vacant lots into organic community gardens?

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