Went big at Sam’s

footage of the incident

One of the thrills of blogging is extending the bounties of a life-changing discovery to countless readers. It’s that thrill that I resume with my describing Sam’s Hof Brau and my adventures there.

Sam’s Hof Brau is a “time out” from the judging eyes of society’s nutritionists and vegans. It’s a place that people visit for only one reason – to get serious about eating a lot of very fine carved meat.

I discovered Sam’s about a month ago when a very great friend of mine took me there for my birthday. We literally ordered every cut of meat on the menu – some of them in abundance – and several sides of Sam’s excellent potato salad. Where one might expect the grim spectacle of Man vs. Food-like perseverance, I was instead enchanted by the succulence of every bite.

It started with an indecision as to what items we wanted to order, and ended with an impulse buy of the entire menu. Two waiters had to assist us in carrying the food back to our table. One of them was particularly flummoxed, as you can see from this photograph taken at the scene.

It’s safe to say the wife and my friend’s girlfriend were embarrassed, though they were gracious.

Sam’s Hof Brau is located at Watt and El Camino. As Sac Rag covered previously, the ambience is fantastic. The menu is diverse (in the rubric of meat, that is). And the service is incredulously accomodating.

I’ve been there three times now, but only for dinner, so I really don’t know what their lunchtime crowd and menu are like.

6 thoughts on “Went big at Sam’s”

  1. I took my husband here on Saturday, because of the review I read here. All I said was, babe, I read this review of this place that serves good meat.” I barely catch him as his ran for the car.

    I had the hot open faced turkey sandwich, him the Reuben. Oh my word, so good and SO cheap. We will be back with the family in tow next time. Thanks for the heads up.


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