Stereogum features the 916

Sister Crayon

Music blog Stereogum posted a nice little feature on Sactown late Friday, as a part of their “Area Codes” feature highlighting music happenings in the outer outer boroughs.

[O]nce you take into account all the distinct, separable types of music, from Raleigh Moncrief’s moving style mishmash to Chelsea Wolfe’s dark, spare rock incantations, it’s not so easy to put Sac-town in a box like that.

The piece features up and coming hardcore band Trash Talk, as well as Raleigh Montcrief and Sister Crayon lead singer Terra Lopez; the latter two give some choice quotes about the idiosyncrasies of life in Sactown. There is a nice rundown of venues, bands and bars in the 916 for interested out-of-towners. And no mention of Tesla!

Author: CoolDMZ

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