Pizza Rock is Surprisingly Good

Is this really necessary?

I drove down K Street this week.  It was life changing. Honestly, it was like finally being able to sit in the front seat when I was 8 years old. ‘Twas a whole different view on life. And then, it was over. A two block drive ended rather rapidly. With nowhere to park and nowhere to even pull over and drop off diners/moviegoers/homeless people, the thoroughfare felt a bit hurried. It felt like one of those amusement park rides that you wait in line for for about an hour only to have the ride last about as long as a 14-yr-old boy’s first night of passion. It did, however, bring me by Pizza Rock.

Let me say this right away. I don’t like Pizza Rock. I don’t like the weird Sistine Chapel ceiling; I don’t like the Peterbuilt driving through the wall; I don’t like the feeling that I’m in an Indian casino or an adult Chuck E. Cheese (which I guess is the same as an Indian casino). But, and this is a serious but here, the food is pretty damned good, almost awesome.

Fried string beans. Delicious. Plain pepperoni. Ridiculous. Margherita. Yummy. 22 oz. Morettis. Score. Dessert calzone (stuffed with apples, caramel, and ricotta). Tastier than a taste of tastiness.

What else can I say. It’s amazingly good pizza. Fresh toppings, good cheese, subtle sauce, great dough. What more could I want? Well I could want Tony Bennet and Dean Martin videos on the flat screen instead of Poison and Quiet Riot, but I’ll opt for good food over good music in this instance.

Pizza Rock- 1020 K St. 916.737.5777 

Food ***1/2 Service *** Atmosphere **

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