Can You Hear Me Now? — Better Cell Reception In the Future

The Sac Rag just got a note today from AT&T letting us know that they are beefing up their mobile coverage in our area. Specifically:

AT&T’s network enhancements include two new cell sites in the city of Sacramento. The first new cell site provides improved coverage and capacity along 4th Avenue from 5th Street to Riverside Boulevard, and along Riverside Boulevard from 2nd Avenue to 13th Avenue.  The site also improves indoor coverage in areas bounded by I-5, 11th Avenue, Land Park Drive, Robertson Way and 4th Avenue.  The second new cell site provides improved coverage and capacity at Sacramento International Airport and the surrounding areas.   It’s a temporary site that will improve coverage even more once it becomes permanent.

Since I live near Riverside Blvd and 4th Ave, I can personally attest that the AT&T reception there is about as good as it is in a lead-lined bunker in the Gobi Desert. So this is great news to me. Where else in the ‘Mento is the phone reception atrocious? For which carrier?

4 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now? — Better Cell Reception In the Future”

  1. Land Park is not good for T-Mobile. Most other parts of town are.

    Sprint service went downhill after they started selling the iPhone, but it has mostly recovered now.

    When I had AT&T I had dropped calls everywhere.


  2. Sac-eats I live a couple blocks north of you and agree, AT&T was often unusable until switching to Verizon Had to conduct business calls from the sidewalk in front of my house.

    Co-workers who had perfect AT&T coverage in places like Placerville & Auburn laughed at me for choosing to live in the remote, cellular-less hinterlands of Land Park.


  3. i live in midtown and have only had at&t cell service since 2000. can’t remember the last time i lost a call, maybe it was going down I5 some years ago south of Patterson. but that has been it.


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