Holiday fun in the Capitol District

My family and I took in The Nutcracker at the Community Center Theater Saturday afternoon. Ron Cunningham’s staging was enjoyable as always, and even the littlest ones in our party enjoyed the heck out of it. I love the whole vibe of that building, and as it turns out I dig the vibe of the Capitol District in general.

After the performance we checked out Buckhorn Grill for the first time. Though they are known for their tri-tip I opted for a full rack of ribs. The place smells terrific, as you’d imagine for a place grilling tri-tips non stop, and the fare is really good. The layout is a little weird with the lobby filling up when it gets a rush but other than that, this is a great casual place.

After that feast we went for a much-needed constitutional around the area, and then ended up at Capitol Garage. It was actually my first time at the new location, which keeps to the spirit of its former incarnation pretty well. My wife and I have some fond memories of late ’90s rock shows at the Garage.

It’s not the #1 spot for dessert but that’s what we were there for. With some hot cocoa and bread pudding we were able to catch the end of the Del Oro-Helix game which was neat, but what I really wanted to highlight was the great service we received. The staff was accommodating and gracious in serving our big party. I’ll definitely be back!

Author: CoolDMZ

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