What’s our problem?

Sam and Ralph calling it a day.
Sam and Ralph calling it a day.

Interesting commentary on capoliticalnews.com about this recent article in the Sacramento Business Journal regarding unemployment rates in Sacramento.

In the middle of downtown Sacramento there is a building with a gold dome. People from all over the State come there for three purposes. The Republicans to give back freedom, allow families to keep more of the money they earn and to allow business to grow so they can hire people. The Democrats have two purposes. One, in the belief you are incapable of spending your own money they take as much as they can–so government can spend it. Their second purpose is to assure that business have a high cost of operation and that regulations force as many jobs to Texas.

I am always humored by the “my side is better than your side” debate with politics. Reminds me of the old Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf cartoons from the ’60s. “You’re the problem!” “No, you’re the problem!” “Hey, it’s lunch time, who wants a pizza?”

The people of Sacramento can not be very smart. They have a bad unemployment problem. Instead of voting for themselves and their families, the voters of Sacramento appear to believe they are not competent enough to get a job, spend their money, get into a school or get government contracts without the iron fist of government in someone’s face–taking from some and giving to others, while growing a government that has tanked.

What do you think? Are we smart? Just not *very* smart? I’m all for voting for myself and my family. Where does that line form?

Author: RonTopofIt

RonTopofIt is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. He wishes more people were like him and yet believes that it takes all kinds. You've met RonTopofIt many times, you just don't remember him.

10 thoughts on “What’s our problem?”

  1. Yeah, that’s not biased AT ALL. then again when they list their partner sites as: Christian Response Alerts
    Conservative Action Alerts

    I seriously dubt that that is a site that I would have much of any interest in anyway.


  2. I thought the party that believed I was incapable of spending my own money and they take as much as they can so government can spend it was the “Green Party.”

    And no one really has the goal of assuring that business have a high cost of operation and that regulations force as many jobs to Texas: Pelosi’s goal is CHINA. Duh


  3. Despite the “CA Political News” being some kind front for those evil Christian types, they hit the nail on the head this time. It is difficult not to connect California’s failing fortunes with the single party fixation of our voters.


  4. If Pelosi were removed she wouldn’t be able to game the system (so easily) for herself and her family and friends. You think her personal fortune isn’t built based on others’ losses? So yes- things would improve, statistically speaking. An incremental improvement amongst the broader market’s investors, and those who buy the stuff (or support via taxes) her favored companies make, but yes. I’m not saying only democrats do it, but they are more hypocritical when they do. And she’s the most blatant about it.

    On a whim I googled “Pelosi’s net worth.” Up 62% this year. Rather impressive. All from wine/grape sales? No- only $5,000 in profits on that one. Good performance considering the market is flat. All due to her husband’s efforts? No- Her husband is in real estate. How can he possibly be making anything like that in this economy? Either she’s REALLY good at, and has lots of time to do so, researching stocks, or she’s cheating. Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t think she spends all day gathering prospecti and researching and comparing the betas of various publicly traded companies.


  5. Good stuff, Turty_Squip. Makes sense to me. Makes you wonder what if there really is an afterlife and/or judgment day. Lots of people will have some splain’n to do.


  6. Turty you cynical bastard. Why can’t you recognize Nancy Pelosi’s amazing investing prowess?

    I suggest that we borrow another $1.3 Trillion from China, and hand it over to Nancy to invest on behalf of the American people. At her proven 62% rate or return, she will have the entire $15 Trillion national debt paid down in 5 years.


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