Kings fans need to lighten up! UPDATE: Westphal fired

UPDATED 1:22 PM While I was typing my original post, the Kings were busy firing Westphal. I will still never understand how fast some teams move when there are problems. I’d love to do a thorough examination of situations where sports organizations left pieces in place that weren’t very successful and allowed them to come to fruition vs. markets that throw tantrums when things don’t go their way for a single calendar week. Anyway, my original post follows.

So yeah, at this point the Kings are 2-5 and at the bottom of the Western Division. There are reports of DeMarcus Cousins impetulantly asking to be traded, a rumor that both Cousins and the Kings appear to deny, though that hasn’t kept it from becoming a thing that other teams are talking about. The consensus appears to be that Westphal is to blame for the recent woes, and should be run out of town on a rail.

I’d like to see the Kings win too. I guess it’s the nature of sports to demand heads roll one week into a season that starts poorly, but it seems a bit premature to me.

Last year the Sixers started 2-5 and made the playoffs. Nobody thought this Kings squad was a playoff team going into the season, and I am definitely not saying this team is playoff-bound. It seems to me this is a young team and probably needs some time to develop. They have played sloppily of late and surely the coach doesn’t bear much responsibility for that. Maybe their PowerBalance wristbands all crapped out at the same time?

What do you think? Should the Kings make a coaching change or stay put?

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2 thoughts on “Kings fans need to lighten up! UPDATE: Westphal fired”

  1. And, like all teams that fire their coach, they win their very next game and will most likely run off a few more wins rallying behind their new, beloved coach.

    As the buzzer sounded and the home crowd roared, DeMarcus Cousins sought out Keith Smart and bear-hugged the new Sacramento Kings coach in a warm embrace.

    At long last, Cousins could smile with a head coach again.

    Cousins had 19 points and 15 rebounds, Tyreke Evans made four free throws in the final minute to finish with 26 points and Sacramento overcame a 21-point halftime deficit to stun the Milwaukee Bucks 103-100 on Thursday night.

    That’s all well and good, but it really annoys me that professional athletes are rarely professional with their behavior. You get paid tons of money to play a game for a living and you need everything to be just right before you’ll give it your all?

    In the workplace, you’d be written up and eventually terminated, right? Not your boss.


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