Kings players to blame for Kings failures?


I know it’s a bit out of left field, but is it possible that the Kings poor play of late is to blame for their recent spate of playing poorly? And not friction with the coach?

I’m being facetious of course. I get that a coaching change is partly aimed at getting someone who can click with the players and lead them to better play. The team is 1-2 since the coaching change and I can’t see them going better than 2-5 in their first 7 games under Smart. But the rush to boot a coach in midseason (which seems to happen much more in the NBA than in other major sports, though I don’t know anything about hockey) seems premature when everyone looking at this roster knows that it has some major holes. And those holes are management’s fault.

Aileen Voisin today points out the Kings anemic assist numbers. Of course, Marcos Breton thinks the Kings arena troubles are to blame for its not being a playoff contending team. So what do I know…

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6 thoughts on “Kings players to blame for Kings failures?”

  1. Of course, the Raiders just did the same thing, too.

    “There comes a time when change is necessary,” McKenzie said Tuesday. “For the Raiders the time is now. The Raiders organization, with respect and deference for all its tradition and history, is about to embark on a new era.”

    Hue Jackson was in his first year coaching the Raiders!


  2. I think that’s a bit of the same thing. Maybe it’s a NorCal disease, because you could argue that the Warriors were moderately successful last year, and from what I read it sounds like the new owners just wanted a new hire in that spot this season to make their mark, a big name to make a big splash.

    In the NFL it seems coaches usually get the boot at the end of the season? Maybe because more work goes on week-to-week. I don’t know.


  3. There may be hope for the Kings. Alex English has joined the coaching staff. Any film fan remembers him from the great and uplifting, “Amazing Grace and Chuck”. If he could assist in achieving World Peace, he can certainly assist in getting some playoff hopes going.


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