SN&R on Concerts fiasco

News & Review’s Nick Miller posted another great roundup today on the recent firing of Jerry Perry as promoter of Concerts In The Park. Apparently people’s Facebooking has made the firing of a Sacramento legend even more controversial. Go figure.

I know I’m weeks late to the party on this but Perry’s firing really bums me out. This is one of maybe five people that come to mind when you think of the local music world. (I admit that this is mostly nostalgic, but I temper that by not being offended at his replacements.) I don’t know how the lineups in recent years could be any more local. It seems like the bookings have led to themed lineups, and maybe people want more eclectic slates? I don’t see that working; If a band I like is playing after a bunch of say, hardcore bands, I will either skip the hardcore bands or just not go at all. Who wouldn’t? Is that really what people are saying they want?

So to me, if attendance is down the problem is with the logistics (parking and sound quality) and not something you could affect by tweaking to fit local music tastes. As Miller mentioned in a post last week, the music scene is what it is. Just get some people to play on a park for free (or for cheap! I’d pay $5 for the show, or $10 for a wristband, or something. Also: I am lying, as this event does not occur at my house) and don’t over think it.

And Miller is right on poking fun at the name of the new panel, “Play Big Sacramento.” What a freakin’ joke!

Also: If you’re firing Perry to replace home with a panel, why can’t Perry just be on the panel?

Interestingly, this came down weeks before today’s unveiling of modest planned improvements to Cesar Chavez park, site of the Concerts In The Park.

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3 thoughts on “SN&R on Concerts fiasco”

  1. Although I am sure some people go specifically, I feel like a vast majority of people (well, at least me and my friends) go to drink beer and hang out in the park on Friday.

    I wish Concerts in the Park went later – they always end far, far too early!


  2. Hi and thanks for the comment! Are you saying later in the year or later in the night?

    I don’t know, the beer garden doesn’t really bother me… And if/when I attend I am bringing my kids so I want it to be a non-sketchy environment.


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