Arena plan to be released Thursday

Kelly Johnson of the Biz Journal reported yesterday that City Council hopes to release the details of the arena financing proposal on Thursday, in advance of the Council’s vote next Tuesday.

The main takeaway from the piece seems to be that the mayor confirms AEG would be the operator of the arena under the proposal. I suppose that is a good thing? It doesn’t seem to be very important to me.

I still don’t think the numbers add up. The original figure of $387 million always seemed about $100m too low; Seattle was planning to raise $500 for their evil Chris Hansen funded arena. And I don’t think anybody expects the Maloofs to pony up very much–NBA commissioner David Stern said yesterday that the team will contribute, but also that he would consider AEG’s contribution to be a contribution on behalf of the team.

Very little reason for optimism going into next Tuesday.

Author: CoolDMZ

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