Final thoughts before tonight’s arena vote

Day 101
This was me all weekend
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alejandra Gamgeek from Gallifrey

I had the whole weekend to stew on the arena terms sheet, fueled by Cosmo Garvin’s great piece on the math of the thing on the SNOG Blog, and bolstered by Isaac Gonzalez’s excellent takedown of the “good, bad and the ugly” aspects of the proposal. I wanted to get my final thoughts out there before the proposal passes at tonight’s meeting.

I still can’t get over the inclusion of a provision giving the City a suite at the arena. The fact that folks were willing to sign their names to a proposal in which the City pays 65% of the costs and breaks even at best, but made sure the council gets a sweet ticket deal is beyond embarrassing. If I was a council member I wouldn’t go any further without demanding that the suite be off the table until the actual deal is signed. It’s shameful and disgusting, but fortunately for me it is also completely hilarious.

Another key facepalm item to me is that the City will own the building, but AEG controls naming rights on the building and splits profits with the Kings.

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6 thoughts on “Final thoughts before tonight’s arena vote”

  1. The “Sweet Deal” is politics 101 & embarrassing to anyone who really read the documents. They knew they could squeeze that in and 90% wouldn’t notice so kudos for bringing it up so maybe a someone will take note. Also, hilarious. Totally. 🙂


  2. Funny, no mention of this in the national article.

    “Long live Sacramento, and long live the Kings!” shouted Sacramento Mayor and former NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson to a sea of supporters that packed the grounds for the historic vote…Asked what the biggest challenge remaining was, Johnson told the crowd: “That everybody behind me is not hung over going into tomorrow.”

    Man, this has that “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” feel to it, huh?


    1. No, but it would be more embarrassing if they owned the budding but had no say, and received zero compensation from, the naming rights. Oh wait.


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