New Hornet Political Association

Today, a new association for Sac State alums who are involved in the political and governmental world will be launched. Regardless of degree earned, all former Hornets are invited to professionally network, mentor students and have some fun. If you are interested, be at Cafeteria 15L at 5:30pm for the premiere of the Politics and Policy Alumni Chapter of the Sac State Alumni Association.

I spoke to one of the founders, Josh Rosa, who is one of the many people I was lucky to have in my cohort in the Masters of Public Policy and Administration Program. He told me that this organization is one step in a larger project to further establish Sac State as an academic center for California government.

Josh sees Sac State’s unique brand as a University lies in the proximity and close ties to the State Capitol. This connection has fostered an exceptional, real world laboratory for those studying political science, economics, government, public policy, public administration, journalism, or any other number of disciplines where the student becomes the political practitioner and classroom learning becomes applied knowledge in impacting local government. There is no other place in California where a student can do this. Look around the Capitol, and you will see how effective and successful Sac State is at creating future leaders. Local blogger Devin Lavelle recently discussed this same phenomenon. Look past the big names, however, and you will also find these leaders have offices full of Hornets who cut their teeth at the many government-focused Sac State internship programs, including the renown Center for California Studies.

Unfortunately, as a student becomes an alum, there are no successful alumni associations among these disciplines because the traditional construction of these groups divides students by majors. Instead of having artificially separated silos of political practitioners, Josh (and others) have suggested bring all these disparate groups together under one umbrella and work together towards the common goal of smarter, more effective government. In turn, this organization would help to promote the brand of Sac State as a place where political theory becomes reality.

Interested? If so, I hope to see you this evening.

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