RIP Travus T Hipp

Travus T Hipp has died.

RIP Travus T Hipp

Here’s one for you old time heads. Long time reader Hecuba alerted me to the passing of KZAP’s free form radio hippie libertarian (with a small l) rantmaster Travus T Hipp (the poor hippie’s Paul Harvey). In addition to his hilarious and thought provoking appearances throughout the day, probably when he would spark a jay and bust into the studios, he had a Sunday night news show “Travus T. Hipp and the Rawhide Reality Review”.

Hipp got his start in the late 60s on KNEW. Until his death, he had syndicated his freedom speak on lefty stations such as KVMR, KPIG and KMUD through Cabale News Service.

“Play politics but keep your powder dry!”

One thought on “RIP Travus T Hipp”

  1. That is a great loss. I listened devoutly to his Sunday show on KZAP in the 70’s and more recently to KVMR at 7:30 am where he’d share his colorful insight while a dog sometimes barked in the background. He always sounded tired but never surrendered.


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