Demolition derby drivers desired

California State Fair is looking for cars and RVs to participate in Metal Mayhem.

One change I appreciate at the California State Fair is their increasing involvement of the public. There are more competitions, more local bands, and more opportunities for you (yes, even you!) to participate in the Big Fun.

This year, there will be two nights of Metal Mayhem. Cars and even RVs are invited to smash it up, with a $5000 purse for cars and $6000 for RVs. Admission to witness the fun is only $5.

Qualified vehicles are two-wheel-drive American-made automobiles (no convertibles, hearses, limos, T-tops or “foreign-type cars” allowed) and class C motor homes. All vehicles must be modified with the glass removed, the doors either chained or welded, and the gas tank repositioned.

Interested drivers may pick up a copy of the rules, vehicle-preparation specs and entry information anytime 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday- Friday at the Cal Expo Administration Building. For more information, call Holland Racing Promotion’s office at (707) 485-8687 or Cal Expo at (916) 263-3021. E-mail, or go to

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