Sacramento BLT Week 2012

Sacramento Bacon Fest 2012 begins on Monday! Ride the bacon bike crawl!

Enjoy local bacon!
Sacramento Bacon Fest continues its culinary awesomeness by declaring Sacramento BLT Week to begin on Monday and run July 16-22.

All week, hit up The Golden Bear, Bacon & Butter, Mulvaney’s B&L, Magpie Cafe, Restaurant THIR13EN, Grange Restaurant, Blackbird Kitchen and Bar, Shady Lady, and Fat Face at Bows & Arrows to try their best bacon-lettuce-tomato creations. As Sacramento is a culinary town that loves sourcing local and fresh products, I am looking forward to not only the taste of deliciousness, but also of consciousness.

The week culminates on Saturday with a bike crawl that includes bite-sized BLTs at each location so you can vote on the best. Tickets here. That evening, get bacony at Fat Face at Bows & Arrows.

Next year, I recommend a contest for most delicious costumes with bonus points for using real bacon.

One thought on “Sacramento BLT Week 2012”

  1. Whoa. Mulvaney B&L’s dessert for BLT Week is candied bacon, buttermilk panna cotta, honey roasted cherry tomatoes, and almond macaroon.


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