Big shows coming to State Fair?

Poppy is ready 2 rock
Sweeping changes are happening at the California State Fair. Cal Expo’s two top managers, Norb Bartosik and Brian May, recently announced their retirements. The Sacramento Bee has taken this opportunity to call on Governor Brown to save the State Fair. The grounds need $50 million for repairs and more for renovations, and the State Fair needs revision and reinvention to create a 21st Century experience for visitors to the California Exposition.

One promising step is the appointment of a major music figure to Cal Expo’s Board of Directors. Sacramento, get ready for big time music acts at The Fair.

Jeffery Azoff has been added to the State Fair’s governing board. This week, Azoff also started at CAA, which represents one-name artists like Bieber and Kanye. If the name rings a bell, he is also the son of industry legend Irving Azoff. Papa Azoff is chairman of Live Nation and Billboard just named him the most powerful person in the music industry. I predict a new, state-of-the-art music venue that brings in the hottest touring acts. Live Nation Amphitheater, anyone? Attractions like this will generate the revenue stream needed to save Cal Expo beyond an emergency infusion of funds from the Capitol.

Finally, a note to Governor Brown. You have two more appointments to make to Cal Expo’s Board of Directors. As you have been a vocal fan of The SacRag for several years, isn’t it time that you did a little something for us? Your old pal Stickie has been attending, covering and loving the California State Fair for decades. He has a proven record as a “fun creator”, is dangerously hip and can eat a whole mess o’ corndogs.

The California State Fair needs more snark, and we know just where you can find some.

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