Agent Ribbons RIP

Agent Ribbons was Natalie and Lauren Ribbons
Agent Ribbons was Natalie and Lauren Ribbons
Sacramento’s Victorian quirk-pop duo Agent Ribbons has called it quits. While fans included the uber-cool trendmaking Demolisten crew at KXLU, their move to Austin in 2000 2010 did little to change their 7 year cycle of almost constant touring without much breakthrough to a larger audience.

Does this mean California gets Natalie and Lauren back? Unknown. Natalie has booked a West Coast tour with new band Tele Novella which also includes her boyfriend Jason Chronis (Voxtrot, Belaire, JC&Co), Matt Simon and Cari Palazollo. Tele Novella recently debuted at SXSW and appears to be keeping Austin as their home base. There is no news from Lauren on her plans.

2 thoughts on “Agent Ribbons RIP”

  1. Actually, Agent Ribbons moved to Austin in March 2010. I doubt that Natalie will be moving back to Sacramento any time soon since she and Jason are pretty well settled in at the moment. Can’t say what Lauren’s plans are either, but I’m certain she won’t be focusing on a musical career at this point because she was apparently tired of not being able to make a living at it. Why leave a band as awesome as Agent Ribbons just to wind up in something much less awesome, right? Hopefully, Tele Novella will pick up a larger and even more passionate following during the next few years.


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