Southgate Branch librarian one of this year’s Movers & Shakers

Christy Aguirre, branch supervisor at the Southgate Branch of the Sacramento Public Library, was named one of 2013’s “Movers & Shakers” in the library world by Library Journal in March. Aguirre was recognized as a Community Builder for her work partnering with local businesses on literacy programs:

As a result [of literacy programs], the summer reading program at Southgate tripled in size from 2010 (699) to 2012 (2,100-plus). Nearly half (47 percent) of those who signed up finished the program. That’s the highest participation rate among all 27 SPL branches. The youngest participant was four days old; the oldest, 96, prefers audiobooks. Participants read 5,859 books.

Aguirre had also been named the 2012 Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy by the California Library ­Association. Way to go! Love to see SPL getting national recognition.

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