Burger Battle, Coming Soon, Already Here

From Scott's Burger Shack Facebook page
From Scott’s Burger Shack Facebook page

The date’s been announced for this year’s 2nd annual Burger Battle at Raley Field. Last year’s event was pretty beefy, and this year’s will probably be even more so. My favorite burger last year was a tie between Kupro’s and Flaming Grill, the former going for a luscious meat blend on a squaw roll and the latter going for lamb with more fixings than the law allows, but I felt neither got the recognition it deserved, mostly because Kupro’s has a crap reputation amongst many and Flaming Grill is amazing, but still mostly a parking lot across from former Catholic girls school.

Should you want to start your own burger battle a little early, I draw your attention to an old favorite of many, but a new find for me, Scott’s Burger Shack.

Scott’s Burger Shack on Franklin Boulevard serves a burger called the “Fat Boy,” a hefty ½ pound patty topped with bacon, two kinds of cheese and all the fixin’s. It’s a juicy, rich, gut-busting good time. For my friends in nearby Land Park, Curtis Park, and Hollywood Park, it’s a neighborhood treat not to be missed. Be warned, however. To say that conditions at Scott’s are Spartan would be like saying the Bates Motel has a strict checkout policy. The order window is the size of a wet-nap, the three tables outside have the rich patina of 25 years of spilled ketchup, and the surrounding exhaust-flavored parking lot is less than savory. Totally worth it.

Scott’s Burger Shack– 4127 Franklin Blvd. 451-4415.

Food ****1/2 Service ** Atmosphere- none

2 thoughts on “Burger Battle, Coming Soon, Already Here”

  1. Thanks for doing the Scott’s checkout so creatures of habit like me don’t have to. I want to try it now!


  2. LOVE scott’s. its my favorite burger spot in sac. my favorite is the fat boy jalepeno style.

    a couple tips to deal with the shack quirks. always call ahead. wait times can be almost an hour at peak times. if you’re eating with multiple people bring a picnic blanket and head to curtis park just down the road off sutterville. much more pleasant and guaranteed seating.


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