Nineteenth-century graffitti at Sutter’s Fort uncovered

Fun tidbit in this Bee article today about the facelift at the Central Building at Sutter’s Fort.

Clearing out the historic building has also resulted in some pleasant surprises, [Tim Gellinck, a restoration works specialist]added.

“We always knew that there was historic graffiti from the 1840s up in the attic of the building, but there was so much clutter up there that we couldn’t get to it,” Gellinck said. “Once the clutter was removed and the shingles were taken off, the light exposed quite a bit of graffiti that we didn’t realize was there.”

The crews found one particular inscription reading: “The Industrial Army Camped Here,” that was dated May 4, 1894. The Industrial Army Movement was apparently a roving populist group of unemployed laborers agitating on behalf of workers hurt by the bad economy of the time. #OccupySuttersFort!

Author: CoolDMZ

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