4 thoughts on “The Sacramento Media Clickbait Award Goes To…”

  1. Just now on the Fox 40 10pm newscast about Sac City subsidies for people to remove their lawn, the reporter said “with Daylight Savings time just around the corner, all things green will receive a lot more sunshine”.

    I didn’t realize that plant life observed Daylight Savings Time.


  2. That’s funny but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they meant the “longer days” that go with DST?


  3. Then why would they mention DST at all? They would just simply say “with the longer days of Spring approaching….”.

    2 options: a) They are that dumb. b) The news director dumbed down the newscast to better relate to the Fox40 target audience.

    Where is Radio Matthew to chime in when we need some local media insight?


  4. In poetic terms, metonymy: a closely associated thing is substituted for the thing itself, like using the term “Hollywood” to mean the entertainment and film industry. Yeah, that’s definitely what Fox40 did on its evening newscast. It’s definitely not those other 2 options 🙂


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