Tire waste recycled into… garbage?

I question the wisdom of recycling tire waste into loose ground cover for a playground. This is from Seely Park in Carmichael, though I’m sure there are other parks using this seemingly well-intentioned material.

However, there is nothing to keep the material contained, so that with time, or a strong wind, or young punks doing it on purpose means the chewed up tires are everywhere.


For example, and this is maybe a little over dramatic, but some amount of crunched up non-biodegradable rubber is going down this drain. Not good.

Am I missing something? Maybe this is marginally better than having this waste in a landfill, but it’s definitely worse for the park than not having rubber waste all over the ground, in the grass and in the drains.

In the interest of providing suggestions rather than just complaining, my wife and I thought maybe tire waste could be recycled into a solid rubber flooring for a playground.

Author: CoolDMZ

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