Gold Rush Days not worth it without the dirt?

“Because of the drought” is becoming the new
“because of the budget.”

Today came the news that Gold Rush Days are being cancelled due to the drought. Specifically because of the 3000 gallons of water used daily to dampen the dust from the dirt spread on the road during the event, normally held Labor Day weekend by Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau.

So you can drive your car down the freeway and park next to a mall and when you’re done you can eat at Joe’s Crab Shack, but it’s out of the question to just do away with the dusty roads? This is the major draw? If that was my decision I might have gambled that Gold Rush Days without the dusty streets is better than no event at all.

Maybe it would have felt too much like just any old day in Old Sac? What do folks who usually attend Gold Rush Days think? Would paved roads not suit the occasion?

Update: No so fast, Visitors Bureau.

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Gold Rush Days not worth it without the dirt?”

  1. The total amount of water used for Gold Rush Days adds up to less than the water used by one average Sacramento household during the course of one year. The water and the dirt is just an excuse–there are apparently other reasons but the scattered leadership of Old Sacramento is being very quiet about them. The dirt is not necessary to Gold Rush Days’ ambience–it’s the most expensive and, from the perspective of many Old Sacramento merchants and employees, the most annoying part. Also, K Street was first paved in 1853, and the vast majority of buildings in Old Sacramento are newer than that–it’s not as though some decomposed granite on the streets helps people ignore Interstate 5.

    Keep the name, keep the event, lose the dirt. Better yet, time to clean house in Old Sacramento’s leadership positions and bring in some folks committed to local heritage tourism–a vastly under-served market in Sacramento.


    1. Interesting tidbit about road paving in 1853! So it’s like a weekend long tribute to a specific 3 1/2 years in the past.


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