Throwing a cheesecake at chains

I’ve had it with chains. Done. Finished. If I have to eat bark and leaves in lieu of chains, so be it.

Everything started to slide a few months ago after I got sick eating at Claim Jumper and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse for two different birthday celebrations. It may sound rude, yes, but I told my significant other that I won’t be attending any more occasions held at these kind of establishments. (And if I do, it’s drinks only.)

After a disastrous dining experience at Strings on Friday night, I found myself yet again at a chain for on Saturday night for dinner with my SO’s family. This time it was the Cheesecake Factory on Arden Way.
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Fire drill

Say what you will about Burning Man “… I don’t git why them hippies and yuppies got to go all the way to Nevada just to get stoned and get nekkid and burn somthin’ …” but if you want to do one thing truly great this year, join your friends on the playa to help break the Guinness world record for the longest Chinese festival dragon.
We’re talking two miles of colorful, history-making, fire-spitting dragon fun. Imagine telling your future grandchildren about this amazing feat of art!