Maybe I should have killed the Deftones instead?

Posted by Stickie April 3rd, 2008 at 8:00 AM

Well, sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you. On April 1, in honor of the great American tradition of April Fools Day, I posted the fictional saga of the death of John McCrea here on the Sac Rag. Some of you were not amused. Some of you were. Regardless, we here at the Rag are questioning the boundary of good taste and the possibility that the joke may have crossed it.

This especially becomes a consideration for family, friends or acquaintances of the subject of the joke. It is one thing to chuckle, roll your eyes, or be offended at a story about a random dead person. It is a different matter altogether when that person is a real flesh and blood human for whom you care. This is how we truly misstepped and crossed that line that we should not have crossed. Even knowing that the story is pure fiction, the idea of the tragic loss of this person can be shocking and is unfair to have unwillingly thrust upon you on the pages of a website you ordinarily turn to for amusement, gossip and snark.

So, dear readers, to those who were truly hurt, shocked or discomforted by my idea of humor, we at the Sac Rag offer an apology and ask that you don’t hold it against us. Everyone else, remember that most things in life should be approached with a wink and a smile and you’ll probably enjoy the ride a little more.

Read the original post here, and the follow up post here.

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