Greta Gerwig stars in Arcade Fire “Afterlife” video

Sacramento’s own Greta Gerwig stars in this video for Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife,” directed by Spike Jonze live at the YouTube Music Awards which are a thing now. As with most of the tracks on “Reflektor,” it gets pretty epic at the 3:00 mark (in this reviewer’s humble opinion) when, well, the thing in the preview image happens.


Aftershock to rock Discovery Park

Beavis and Butthead Headbanging
Do you remember when Bon Jovi was cool? Uhhhh, no.
Just like last year around this time, I’ve been enjoying the set up process at Discovery Park over the last few days for this weekend’s Aftershock concert as I ride my bike to work. It’s quite a production. A lot of moving parts.

Looking at the lineup makes me a little nervous.

The biggest names are Korn (where is the backwards K on my keyboard?), Papa Roach, and Megadeth, but I’m really old so that could just be the only three names I recognize. I don’t see any bands from last year’s event, however, but the same list of what is allowed and not allowed.

I did find this funny in the FAQ section.

Will there be ATMs available?
Yes. There will be atms available inside venue and near the box office.

Those ATMs were one of the first things to be delivered. They are everywhere.


So, is anyone going? Tickets are still available, but some packages are sold out, so I guess so.

!!! releases guerilla style video for “Californiyeah”

Former Sacramento band !!! released a video for “Californiyeah,” a tune (with a local angle!) from their recent album “THR!!!ER.” Rolling Stone says:

Filmed on the streets of Japan, in a hotel elevator and onstage, the video for !!!’s “Californiyeah” is as exuberant as the song itself is contagious. Extracted from the dance-punk outfit’s fifth and latest album, THR!!!ER, one can’t help but sympathize as frontman Nic Offer pledges love for his home state (California, naturally) and shares his frustration with the idea that its bars close at 2 a.m.

Make sure to watch it through to the end for a fun moment.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival begins announcing lineup

Bettye Lavette (unconfirmed)

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the unique San Francisco music fest featuring country/bluegrass/Americana bands playing free concerts every October, is set to announce confirmed artists for this year’s fest October 4-6. As in previous years, the bands are announced via medleys that encourage fans to guess the invited artists. After the artists are correctly guessed by the fans, the official announcements are made.

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Death Grips no show at Lollapalooza, fans trash equipment

Local experimental hip hop group Death Grips caused some kind of stir by failing to appear at their scheduled gig at a Chicago club a part of Lollapalooza.

The fans reportedly responded by trashing the band’s equipment that had been set up onstage, including a drum kit.

The drum kit would be owned by acclaimed experimental percussionist Zach Hill.

Wallpaper. has the summer hit of the year with “RRiR”

From the band's Facebook page
From the band’s Facebook page

Oakland based Wallpaper’s new album “Ricky Reed is Real” dropped yesterday (on frontman Ricky Reed’s birthday) and if this isn’t the album that makes this genre-defying act a household name, then I just don’t know what. (Well, houses that like super fun chopped and screwed party pop music, at least.)

Wallpaper, which also features “The Public Access Show” star Arjun Singh, are out rocking America on the Van’s Warped Tour. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.
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Whoop Whoop!

Brotha Lynch Hung headlines the 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos.

That's not beef
That’s not beef
Congrats to Sacramento’s Brotha Lynch Hung for securing a headlining spot at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos. He is touring behind his new album Mannibalector, the third in his concept trilogy Coathanga Strangla. This release focuses on the struggles of a cannibal serial killer trying to balance his murderous urges with his family life. The video for the first single “Meat Cleaver” has multiple viewer warnings.

Insane Clown Posse’s 14th annual celebration at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, is not only the world’s largest horrorcore music festival but also features hip-hop, comedy, hardcore, old nu-metal, obesity, drugs, “celebrity” poo assault, Continue reading “Whoop Whoop!”

Trailer for Grant High football movie released

The trailer for Give Us This Day, a film about the Grant Pacers, was released today. Down to the local sports radio voice over, the trailer really plays up the “Friday Night Lights” connection well in covering the emotional highs and lows at Grant over the last few years. Can’t wait for a big local opening for this film!

The film follows two seasons inside one of the nation’s top high school football programs. Two years removed from a State Championship, the Grant Pacers are poised to make another run. But fierce opponents, the neighborhood, and a major tragedy all stand in their way.

Hat tip to Chris from North Sac Beat who shared this link on his great blog today.

Zach Hill gets props from SPIN

Sacramento’s Zach Hill is ranked #24 on SPIN Magazine’s list of the Best Drummers of Alternative Music.

Sacramento’s Zach Hill is ranked #24 on SPIN Magazine’s new list of the Best Drummers of Alternative Music. While lists like this are a paradigm of subjectivity, it is a solid complilation that only sometimes ignores the definition of alternative music. Lenny Kravitz? James Brown? Slayer? Sigh.

But Hill is a solid choice in terms of talent, influence and indie-cred. SPIN notes that he is a “Present-day mythical… superhero of drumming” and “a reminder that I don’t know anything at all”. He is currently listed above widely worshiped contemporaries Danny Carey and Glenn Kotche. Only 33 years old, Hill is a strong candidate to be a future top ten lister among similarly bombastic legends Terry Bozzio and Stewart Copeland.

Hill rose to prominence with Hella, check out their performance of “City Folk Sitting, Sitting” at Capitol Garage. For a recent example of his work with the hip-hop combo Death Grips, listen to “World of Dogs“.

Local artist to donate Second Saturday proceeds to Food Bank

pameneyro SFB art fundraiserPriscilla Ameneyro, a local artist whose abstract paintings will be on display at The Art Studios, has unique plans for Second Saturday this week. She plans to donate 100% of the proceeds on sales of her artwork to the Sacramento Food Bank.

Ameneyro, who is originally from Norwich, England (home of the Canaries!), told me idea came about as part of her own ongoing discovery about healthy eating. “I admire [SFB’s] mission to provide fresh produce to those in need. I believe that you cannot sustain happiness if you cannot sustain your health,” she told me.

Her abstract acrylics and watercolors are on display at the Paolo Mejia Art Gallery.

Priscilla Ameneyro art fundraiser
The Art Studios
1723 I St, Sacramento, CA (behind Michelangelo’s restaurant)
May 11, 2013 (Second Saturday) 6-9pm