Aftershock to rock Discovery Park

Beavis and Butthead Headbanging
Do you remember when Bon Jovi was cool? Uhhhh, no.
Just like last year around this time, I’ve been enjoying the set up process at Discovery Park over the last few days for this weekend’s Aftershock concert as I ride my bike to work. It’s quite a production. A lot of moving parts.

Looking at the lineup makes me a little nervous.

The biggest names are Korn (where is the backwards K on my keyboard?), Papa Roach, and Megadeth, but I’m really old so that could just be the only three names I recognize. I don’t see any bands from last year’s event, however, but the same list of what is allowed and not allowed.

I did find this funny in the FAQ section.

Will there be ATMs available?
Yes. There will be atms available inside venue and near the box office.

Those ATMs were one of the first things to be delivered. They are everywhere.


So, is anyone going? Tickets are still available, but some packages are sold out, so I guess so.

Makeshift homeless shelter cleared out…again

Photo of the I5 at the Garden Highway
Where do folks go when they are asked to leave a place like this?

I noticed the makeshift homeless shelter I wrote about late last year under Interstate 5 and the Garden Highway has been cleared out again. The last noticeable evacuation was in May of 2011 when police lead the charge in the wake of a rape case at Discovery Park.

Anyone know what prompted this particular relocation?

Monster Energy Aftershock festival comes to Discovery Park

Monster Energy Aftershock Festival Map
Are they sure this is *our* Discovery Park?
As I rode into work today, I noticed a lot of activity at Discovery Park with guys installing fencing and tents. Turns out, this is in preparation for Sunday’s Monster Energy Aftershock festival featuring Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones, Bush, Chevelle, Hollywood Undead, Theory of a Deadman, Escape the Fate, and Oleander. Wow, say that 10 times fast.

Tickets are still available, but not cheap. Has Discovery Park ever hosted an event like this before? Is this why Park Rangers are rousting Sacramento’s homeless campers?

Wondering if this is going to be best time every? Check out what is and is not allowed. Continue reading “Monster Energy Aftershock festival comes to Discovery Park”

Early flooding at Discovery Park?

Trail Closed SignsThese were not up in the morning

I was surprised to encounter flooding at the 2.5 mile marker along the American River Parkway this morning on my way to work. So much so I had to turn back and navigate my way to the Arden Garden Connector toward Truxel.

Discovery Park itself is quite flooded, too. Is it normal to flood out so far along the Parkway? My guess is the overflow area is actually the source of the, well, overflow.

UPDATE: Here are some photos I took on my home this afternoon… Continue reading “Early flooding at Discovery Park?”