Apple hiring again in Elk Grove

4-1-2013 9-25-13 PMMark Anderson of the Business Journal reports that Apple Inc has listed an additional 9 positions in its Elk Grove location, bring the total to 18 current positions listed.

The article was interesting to me because I didn’t realize there was an air of mystery surrounding what exactly Apple does at the Elk Grove location.

The Elk Grove location has the electrical capacity to support a major data center. It has its own 69 kilovolts substation from the Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District. That’s enough to power a city the size of Elk Grove.

So what is Apple doing in Elk Grove (besides the real answer, which I’m pretty sure is customer service)?

Apple knows what it wants (on a pizza)

I don’t know why but this job description for a pizza cook position at Apple’s Sacramento office makes me laugh. I guess I’ve never read a description for a job in the food prep world but the specific language is cracking me up. I wish my own job description was as precise as this. For example, an equivalent expectation to being able to flatten dough without using a rolling pin would help weed out some undesirables in other fields, I’m sure.