Wallpaper. @ Ace of Spades 8/10

Credit: Dan Busta and Ryan Schude

Wallpaper., the Oakland-based “gonzo hip hop/party jam” outfit of Ricky Reed (aka Eric Frederic), is getting the full MTV (“Still into the music thing!”) treatment, as a featured artist in the Push project, which has launched acts like Bruno Mars, Florence and the Machine, and a little guy you may have heard of by the name of Bieber.

Wallpaper. is like Beck going through a heavy electro beats and Autotune phase turned up to 11. It’s one of those acts that skewers its genre with absurd humor, while coloring inside the lines of the genre itself and supplying enough sincerity and skill that it’s impossible to know when you depart the satirical vodka-soaked party bus and enter the … actual vodka-soaked party bus.

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