There’s a new Queen in town

The folks over at The Cheesesteak Shop in Sacramento offer the “King of Sacramento Challenge” which consists of downing two King of Sacramento sandwiches, followed by a Large Meal and Tasty Kake (here’s an example). While it’s been done before, it appears that time is of the essence. From their Facebook page, we learn that the record has been broken…by a woman.

The Cheesesteak Shop Sacramento Meet our newest Queen of Sacramento! Stephanie holds the current record for completing the challenge in an amazing 25 MINUTES!!!

Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment. Great work, Stephanie. I’m sure you’re glad you wore that t-shirt, huh?

I may have to check this place out. Anyone been?

The Cheesesteak Shop
4332 Watt Ave Suite 30
Sacramento, CA 95821