2010 Holiday Services Schedule (City & County)

I had to look up my local garbage collection schedule recently and came across the holiday schedule for the City of Sacramento.

Be sure to put out your cans as usual and follow collection day parking guidelines. For loose-in-the-street collection for yard waste, please see Residential Garden Refuse & Street Sweeping.

This includes when parking meters take a holiday (Christmas Eve is on the 23rd and Christmas Day is on the 24th to the City). And read the fine print, “No” means “yes, they are enforced.” Here is a detailed PDF of the free, on-street parking locations (previously mentioned by CoolDMZ on November 17th).

I still wish the County offered the “Loose-in-the-Street” program. Or does it just seem more appealing?

For County folks, you’ll have to use the “e-Map-It” service which continues to be a great resource.

Roseville: Confidential

Screenshot of roseville.ca.us salary information
Do not click on this link, it's confidential!
My favorite part of this mess with the salaries of city officials is the way each city is posting their salary information online. My favorite? The City of Roseville. The first link under “Salary Schedules” is titled “Confidential.” That’s just awesome.

I am sure the Bee is working on their own version for this for their “the gym locker combinations of every gym member in Northern California” database collection.