Cruiser Chick(s) revealed!

Much the same way the now infamous photo of Sasquatch was engrained in our minds as youngsters, I couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon when I came across a gaggle of cruiser chicks on Alhambra. As promised, I quickly reached for my low resolution camera phone to capture this moment for eternity. As you can imagine this illusion departed as fast as it arrived. But not before my Sprint LG went to work thus pulling back the curtain on one of the most puzzling mysteries in Sacramento history. Cruiser chick, I’ve outted you!

All Eyes on “the Cruiser Chick”

Cruiser Bike
Cruiser sans chick

Way back when, you know, in April we did a post about The Walking Dude phenomenon. Well, today as I walked to lunch with a co-worker I cemented a new phenomenon, The Cruiser Chick. This gal or gals (you can be the judge) is seemingly everywhere in midtown at once. She has black hair and wears bangs and a ponytail. She has a piercing or two along with various tattoos, sometimes obvious, sometimes not so obvious. The bike morphs from having a basket up front to being green to having fenders and back again. Where is she going? How did she get from Alhambra and Capitol to BeachHut Deli in less than the time it took me to get there by car? And why was Locke so calm with a gun pointed at his head…oh, sorry, wrong blog…I will bring a camera with me, I promise, and photograph our two wheeled maiden of midtown. I challenge you to do the same.