Mustard Seed Spin supports homeless kids

This weekend the Mustard Seed Spin will have hundreds of riders touring the American River Parkway. The ride, which has been around since 2005, raises money (100% of rider fees) for the Mustard Seed School, a school for the children of homeless families run by the Catholic organization Loaves & Fishes.

Online registration is closed but it looks like you can still register at REI or on the day of the event, which is Sunday at 11:00 AM at William Pond Recreation Area. I’ll be there, either as a rider or handing out water and protein goo.

Greatest costume ever UPDATED

This is *basically* what my friend saw.
From Grim Reaper blog

From a friend out on a ride I heard a tale of an individual dressed in full grim reaper garb, including sickle, and mounted on a black steed, stationed at one end of the bridge over the river from William Pond to Goethe Park River Bend Park. Just from one report I am willing to dub this individual the wearer of the greatest costume ever seen in Sacramento. Did anyone else see this?

(By the way, is there a name for that bridge? RonTopofIt and I are stumped on that.)

UPDATE: RonTopOfIt came through. That bridge is called the Harold Richey Memorial Bicycle Bridge.

May is Bike Month in Sacramento

Two-wheeled locomotion is all the rage this month in the Sacramento area. May Is Bike Month, sponsored by various local municipalities, public transit agencies, and government groups, is basically a massive jog-a-thon for cycling nuts, only instead of the marching band getting new uniforms, we all just get more time to enjoy cycling. The program’s goal for the area is to log one MEELLION miles, and they already have close to 1.25 million pledged.

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On your left!

For those that may have missed this memo released on February 18th, new “Rules & Courtesy” signs are going up along the American River Parkway to “encourage visitors to follow the rules and share the bike trail.”

“Our old courtesy signs were several years old and were showing their age,” said Flannery. “Our old signs also had a lot more wording, and because we realized that most trail users reasonably wouldn’t take the time to read the entire sign, we cut the words by half.”

And people still won’t read/follow them. Anyone that has had to do anything that involves people of any kind should know by now that you can’t win no matter what you do. On the Parkway, at the grocery store, you name it. People just suck.

This is about the time of year where the Parkway etiquette debate heats up. The Parkway, like The Sac Rag, follows the “if you live here, you know” slogan.

Adventure Cyclist Shares Globe Travel Tales Tonight

Weir's new book: Travels with Willie
Weir's new book: Travels with Willie

Ever picture yourself traveling across the globe?—by bicycle? Sacramento native Willie Weir has done it, and done it cheaply. Across the United States, Canada, and even through far-flung places like South Africa and Laos, Willie has put his pedal to the road. He shares his travel tales tonight at REI in Sacramento at 7:00pm.

Weir is a cycling columnist for Adventure Cyclist magazine and a public radio cycling commentator. He’s experienced it all, and done so on a tight budget. He’ll go so far as to call himself “cheap.” In fact, one five-month journey cost him only $400. Find out how he does it tonight for a cheap $5, which benefits the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates.

If you can’t make the event, his adventures can also be found in his new book Travels with Willie: Adventure Cyclist.