Voetbergs play their way into Library fans’ hearts

Two weeks ago I hyped the Voetberg Family Band, an octet of fiddlin’ siblins’ from Washington State. The family’s performance last night at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria at the Central Library was not to be missed by bluegrass/folk/Celtic/Christian hymnal music fans.

The two elder Voetbergs have professional chops right now (the eldest, Liddy, has released a solo album), but the rest of the group are right behind them — right down to 8 year old Rudy, who is a fiddle champ. Mama Voetberg (I don’t know if they call her that) sang a few beautiful tunes with the kids, and Papa handled the soundboard. The kids played a great set of bluegrass and Christian standards along with some original tunes. The fiddle was heavily represented, but 19-year old Elisha strums the guitar and mandolin and 13-year old Dieter hangs on the side and plucks an electric bass.

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