Game Guy on GDS Tomorrow

Just got the heads-up from Game Guy Scott Fera that he’ll be on Good Day Sacramento tomorrow during the 7 and 8:00 hours to talk about one of his favorite new games, “Guitar Hero.”

UPDATE: The 7:00 hour appearance was top-notch local television, with Game Guy showing his chops on the classic “Iron Man,” the anchor’s desk playing right into the fun, and Tina Macuha getting into character as a rabid groupie.

Tina’s Thoughts

If you’ve lived in Sacramento for a long time, Tina Macuha is one of those local media people, like Stan Atkinson or that Australian guy on KWOD, whose voice and/or image gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling, like Sacramento is a thick wool blanket, smothering the very life out of you. Tina’s current haunt is the traffic desk at Good Day, where every morning she posts an Oprah-esque quote, fresh from the HP Laserjet (today’s was “Feed Your Soul” or something). Her “Sign of the Day,” I see it’s called as I read her bio.

My gut reaction is annoyance, because so often the phrase makes no sense or gives helpful advice only for someone who had just recently said to themselves, “you know, what my life really needs right now is a pat answer to a question I wasn’t asking.” But then the Sacto homer in me kicks in, and I wonder why she has to resort to printing these things up herself and littering her little workspace with them. From the morning show on FM 102 back in the 80s to being an original “Good Day” host, Tina Macuha owns this town. Couldn’t they maybe spare a nice plaque or frame or something? Maybe a graphic?