Band Tesla ft. Nick Toma

So what’s up with Band Tesla threatening to cancel their appearance at the Kings rally because of Don Geronimo? and Where is Nick Toma from Good Day Sacramento?

Don said he was broadcasting his show live from the Kings rally at Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento when local band Tesla, who was scheduled to perform at the rally, was on stage getting ready. Don, who’s known for his crude and often biting humor, saw the band from across the park and commented on air that Brian Wheat, Tesla’s bassist, who has long hair and was wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, looked like Garth from Wayne’s World.

How crude…and biting.

And now Nick Toma goes missing and has two, count them two, Facebook pages created in his honor?

i asked this on their page and they deleted it. there is something going on. they said he was on vacation and then off and then he was just gone. with a generic post as to “he is no longer with the company and is pursuing other options” yada yada yada i have not watched their show since that day…

I say Don is behind this what with his new three-year deal at KHTK and job as program director and all, not to mention his addition to the Good Day Sacramento lineup.

Next thing you know, Don will be opening restaurants with Mark S. Allen.

Burrous takes credit for spotting Art Beast

This morning’s Good Day Sacramento featured Art Beast in several spots in the “Prego (sic) & Beyond Posse” segment. (Or are they are covered in delicious sauce?) Reporter Lisa Gonzales spends a few hours at the studio, which looks like the most amazing place ever, interviewing owner Bridget Alexander. Anchor Chris Burrous then takes credit for “finding” Art Beast. What I assume he means is that he saw it first on this here web log and thought it looked like a good story ripe for horkin’. Only Mr Burrous knows for sure…

good day sacramento prego & beyond posse logo
Good Day Sacramento 'Prego & Beyond Posse' logo
Funny side note: the title on the videos tab says “Prego Posse & Beyond,” which is what you might think it was supposed to be called if all you had was the logo, which shows the words “Prego” and “Posse” in the same typeface (see right).

Good Day’s Job Center offers free video resumes

I spend a lot of time poking fun at the antics on Good Day Sacramento and on CBS13/CW31 in general. But I have to admit that Good Day’s new Job Center site contains a fabulous feature: video resumes. The feature, offered by CBS for its local affiliates, allows anybody to come on down to the station and record a short video “resume.” It sure seems like a winner of an idea to me: if a potential employer sees your face and hears you talk before ever bringing you in for an interview, it seems like you’ve got a definite leg up. By the time they meet you face to face, it’ll feel like a second interview.

Mark S. Allen ON IDOL?!?

According to the AP, local personality and second horseman of the apocalypse Mark S. Allen may be filling in for Ryan Seacrest on American Idol. From the AP:

Ryan Seacrest will be taking an immediate leave of absence from hit Fox Television show American Idol. According to his publicist, Seacrest is dealing with a “medical issue” but should be back on Idol within two months. Seacrest will also be taking a break from his popular Los Angeles radio show on KIIS-FM. Filling in for Seacrest at KIIS will be Los Angeles DJ Dave Styles. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Seacrest’s spot on Idol will be filled by Mark S. Allen, a popular entertainment reporter from Northern California.

If this goes through, they might have to widen the doorways at Good Day Sacramento to allow MSA’s inflated head to fit.

***UPDATE*** Local well-known media blogger “Radio Matthew”, when not contacted about this story, was unable to confirm or deny the veracity of the claims. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this as the day goes on.

OMG a new low for CBS13

They said it couldn’t happen but they have been known to be wrong in the past. Check out Sam McManis’ fresh post: 21Q – ‘Good Day Sac’ reporter gives beer to the homeless

Jay Henderson, a reader from Folsom, writes to say he was stunned on Monday morning to see “Good Day Sacramento” reporter Chris Burrous (left) give a case of beer and a bag of McDonald’s food to a homeless woman during a live segment.

A Tale of Two News Shows

We’ve taken our shots over the years at the two ring circus that is “Good Day Sacramento,” but we’ve not told the other side of the story, the side that compares Good Day against the other morning shows in the area to see where each stands in this fence-sitter of a media market. (Are we a small big market or a big small market, who can tell?) This week, a dear friend relayed to me his experiences with a two morning shows, and I’d like to share those with you. Hopefully, this will give you a chance to judge for yourself as to who really rules the airwaves from dawn to coffee break.

First of all, let me set the scene for you. My friend had two appearances lined up last month to promote an event, one appearance on the KCRA morning news on channel 58, and one appearance on Good Day Sacramento. The KCRA news appearance was (as if you couldn’t already see this coming) a bad scene.  Rushed for time, fighting technical difficulties and trying to get out his message points despite the woodenness of the broadcast team, my friend did his best to fill the thirty seconds that they wound up giving him. According to him, the crew was a bit scattered, everything was thrown together last minute and the everyone seemed a little stressed. Continue reading “A Tale of Two News Shows”

But will they upstage the hair?

For those of you who read The Sac Rag before you sign off for the night, I wanted to share this tidbit from our friends at Runaway Stage Productions:

News FLASH! (pardon the pun), If you have not yet seen RSP’s current hit show “The Full Monty,” actors from this exciting popular musical are scheduled to appear live on Channel 31’s Good Day Sacramento this Friday morning, September 15th during the 7:00 and 8:00 hours. Lots of music, interviews and a strip lesson for Mark S. Allen! Check it out and then be sure to get your tickets for “The Full Monty” before it’s too late!

Friends, I have seen the show (in all its glory, one might say), so I’m not just plugging a friend’s project. This is a fun show with heart and a lot of energy and I say it’s worth checkin out.