New App Lets Customers Vent, Privately

These stickers for the iSuggest app can be found at participating businesses around Sac.

In a world of blogging, online reviewing, and social media, we have a lot of opportunities to shout about our customer experiences in public. Yet, where have all the suggestion boxes gone? A new, local app called iSuggest seeks to address this very issue, turning away from the public persona of sites like Yelp.

Unless you’ve been living in an Internet-free cave, you’ve probably heard of Yelp, the website that allows customers to review local businesses. Over the years, this foodie-centric site has taken grief from traditional food writers and restaurant owners alike for Yelpers’ ability to post snarky feedback based on a one-time bad experience that may or may not reflect the business’s otherwise consistent costumer service, or to praise a sloppy business because their mother runs it.

If you’re one of the many passive customers who long to leave feedback (good or bad), but don’t feel the urge to splash it all over the public internet, this Sacramento-based free app was recently released just for folks like you. iSuggest offers a way to send immediate, even anonymous, feedback to business owners.

What’s in it for the person leaving feedback? Business owners who opt in are encouraged to offer rewards or coupons for helpful suggestions. Of course, business owners love it because it eliminates public complaining, an opportunity to correct the problem and directly communicate with the person leaving feedback.

“This is a win-win,” says Sacramento’s Matt Brickley, iSuggest marketing director. Continue reading “New App Lets Customers Vent, Privately”